The Apple iPhone 6 is ‘murdering’ Note 4 in Samsung’s own backyard

Just when you though it was going to be over, Samsung’s woes have doubled, nay tripled, as the phone company has been brought to it’s knees even in it’s own homecountry of South Korea.

Apple vs Samsung
Yes, you read that right. Koreans have subscribed for the Apple iPhone 6 and it’s 6 Plus phablet brother as both phones have received triple what Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 got in pre-orders during the similar time frame, though the events were distanced as the Galaxy Note 4 was released in the country a month ago.

According to Wall Street Journal (Korea), the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus gathered 100,000 reservations on their first day outing which dwarfs the 30k orders gotten by the Note 4 on day one. LG U+, one of the major carries in Korean said it sold out it’s 20,000 reservations in 20 minutes while Korea Telecoms gathered 50k orders in about 30 minutes. SK Telecom, who represent the biggest subscriber base in Korea, declined to comment on actual numbers gotten but said it sold out all the spots — reported to exceed 40,000 units — within a short time.

The Apple iPhone 6 has recorded massive victory all over the world as the latest iOS smartphone, alongside the 6 Plus, was said to have gotten 10 million sales in 3 days.

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