Is the Apple iPhone 6s racist?

iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 was a great smartphone. Not that the other iPhone generations were not great smartphones; they are. What makes the iPhone 5 unforgettable is the fact that it was the last iPhone model that had a black color option. In fact, after the iPhone 5, Apple had never bothered to make a completely black-colored smartphone, ever.

In 2016 — September to be precise — entered the iPhone 6s. The latest iOS flagship comes in three colorful accents and they are space gray, silver and gold. These three color flavors are all amazing inside out, Apple, but you could have added one more color: black.

iPhone 6s colors

Is the Apple iPhone 6s racist?

No Barry, it isn’t. The black color isn’t even the only crowd favorite missing from the color options. We have a number of people wishing for a WHITE iPhone 6s as well. In fact, judging from the number of comments where people are demanding for a white iPhone 6s I came across before the phone’s launch, it’s safe to say that more people miss completely white iPhones than the black ones.

So, what are you telling me?

To mold the Apple iPhone 5 into reality, Apple/Foxconn used an “anodized 6000 series aluminum” material for the casing. By iPhone 6s, Apple had upgraded to using 7000 series aluminum. Now, since the 6000 series thingy was used to produce black color in the iPhone 5 range, it’s clear that the absence of the questioned color was clearly not because of technological matters since the same material powered the iPhone 5s and 6s and these last two didn’t have black colors.

The excuse sounds more logical if we believe that Apple stopped making white and black iPhones because of low demand for these color types — OK, let’s accept that reason.

But I still want a black iPhone 6s

If you still want a black iPhone 6s so bad, it’s quite certain that you are not alone. A solution has been found for everyone wishing for a black iPhone 6s: A Vietnamese company named Karalux who specializes in plating iPhones and Range Rovers in gold says the method includes using a rare metal called Rhodium.

Black iPhone 6s

Nonetheless, you should forget about the stressful process involved (we don’t even have a clue about that anyway), Karalux says it will plate your precious iPhone with a mixture of Rhodium and 24-karat gold to give you it an ultimate black look.

The blacksmith said:

With the precious black gold, iPhone 6s will get more luxurious and high-end than any gold-plated iPhone 6s. “We have used Rhodium, this is precious and rare metal which is mixed with24K gold to create a mysterious jet-black color. Its price is 6 times higher than 24K gold”….

Black iPhone 6s front

Black iPhone 6s and goldBlack iPhone 6s process

The goal takes about 8 hours and 10 stages to achieve but Karalux will accept the entire burden on your behalf for a fee of $1867. The price is for plating a 16GB iPhone 6s unit which the company will provide. For plating a 64GB iPhone 6s, you’ll have to part with a few hundred dollars more at $2,445.

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