Apple Gets Last Extra Three Days to Reveal Its Decision to Hack Its iPhone

Just recently we published some topics in relation to Apple’s case towards its security feature, for those who have just read this post. Apple was asked by court to hack a criminal’s iPhone device in order for the government authorities to get information.

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But Apple obviously has been in dilemma to the government request and it took some time with the company to officially respond on the request.

This court order seems to be historic order for Apple if they are going to do it, unlocking their device, do government can look for possible leads.

When the court order was handed down last Tuesday, the company was then given five days for them to respond to whether the court order was legally burden to them, but reports shows that the c18ompany has been granted three day another extension, putting new deadline next Friday.

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook publicly announced company’s intention to fight the court order, but the company has not yet submit its legal documents in oppose with the order. As result, it is still unclear how Apple will handle its defense, and the aspects of law they will play.

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