Apple Launches iOS 9.3 Preview Page


With Apples’ introduction of iOS 9.3 Beta, the company introduced new feature called the “Night Shift”. This feature automatically adjusts the device display color temperature when night shift mode to make it easier to fall asleep. However you have to go in the device Settings app and manually it on and off.


The latest Apple’s iOS 9 preview page hints that it become easier to enable the feature with upcoming iOS 9.3 updates.

If you visit Canada’s iOS 9.3 preview page website, you can see that an option was there to enable Night Shift from the Control Center on iPad. The Control Center brings up two options: “Turn On For Now” and “Turn On Until Tomorrow.” This toggle is missing from the American version of 9.3 preview page, so this becomes unclear what Apple planned for it.

If you are unfamiliar, Night Shift uses iOS device’s location clock in order to automatically adjust colors in your phone display, and it will make them warmer and easier on the user eyes during nighttime. This should make easier to fall asleep as the display bright blue light normally emitted has been found to disrupt your circadian rhythms.

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