Apple patents magnetic SIM slot, former Apple CEO says Cook is doing a “terrific job”

Apple has filed a patent for a magnetic SIM tray which will probably be used in the iPhone 6. The magnetic SIM tray holds and locks the nano SIM inside the device instead of a mechanical lever, economizing space thereby reducing the thickness and size of the device.

Apple patents magnetic SIM slot, former Apple CEO says Cook is doing a terrific job1

An electronic device may be provided with an ejector mechanism for at least partially ejecting a removable module (e.g., a SIM card tray) from the device. The ejector mechanism may include a user interface portion and a tray interface portion, and each interface portion may include a first end fixed to the device and a second end coupled to the second end of the other interface portion. Tension between the fixed first ends may bias the ejector mechanism to alternate between two ejector mechanism states when the ejector mechanism receives either a user input force to eject the removable module from the connector or a tray input force to insert the removable module into the connector.

Apple patents magnetic SIM slot, former Apple CEO says Cook is doing a terrific job2


Meanwhile, in another news, a former Apple CEO, John Sculley, has praised Tim Cook for doing a “terrific job” as Apple’s CEO since Steve Jobs left.

“He’s not trying to be Steve jobs; only one person could be Steve Jobs and that was Steve. Steve could make the big creative leaps. What Tim is doing is continuing the Apple philosophy of no compromise and quality of their products and great styling. I think people are giving Apple a bum rap on what is still a great company with great products”…..I haven’t sold any stock in Apple. I’m still very optimistic that Apple’s going to do just fine. It doesn’t mean that Android won’t be larger in market share, it already is, but Apple makes great quality products”

Sculley further stated that Apple is doing just fine, and rebuffed the reports that Apple lost some of it’s market share.

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