Apple Pay will debut on 18th October?

Apple Pay iPhone 6
After launching a couple of iPads this Thursday, Apple iPhone users will have to say hello to the much-anticipated Apple Pay on Saturday 18th October 2014.

This was confirmed by an internal memo in circulation within a popular US retailer’s management. Walgreens was seen warming up it’s staff of the upcoming event that will see the new payment system unveiled.

Apple Pay logo
While many are happy to hear that Apple Pay is coming to town, not many are quite happy. Companies like PayPal had suspected fierce completion and has launched a witty campaign to warn users off Apple’s new service, saying that “our money” is more important than “selfies” — in reference to Apple’s iCloud hack saga that saw hundreds of celebrities not-safe-for-work pictures flying everywhere in the Internet.

Meanwhile on the other end, Samsung, Apple’s number one competitor, has hurriedly launched something like the Pay in China already, and that was in conjunction with a Chinese local bank.

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