Apple Pay Siri problem

So in order to clear everything, I just showed her my personal iPhone attached with the credit card image on screen, and then she nodded. But after few seconds she asked me to personally hand over her my phone that will be used for the payment terminal inside, thinking that this is a big NO for Apple Pay rules.

Apple Pay Siri problem

So I immediately explained that I need to use my personal fingerprint in order to pay and so this means that I could not hand over my phone to her, after few minutes the manager appeared at window. She told the employee to hold payment machine out the window. And it actually took a total of two attempts before it succeed.

This incident happened last March 18, 2016, nearly year and half after the famous Apple Pay’s year debut, at first; I tested it and ran into similar issue. Back in the past, McDonald’s employee refused me to use Apple Pay, but it was technically working in their machine.

The incident was not just Mc Donalds, but Pret Manager also has troubled with this. If I buy at wrong registers, the cashier then must log-out and log on at right register before entering my purchase before I can use the Apple Pay. This happened dozen times.

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