Apple products will be “impressive” this year

Apple products will be impressive this year

Forget the legendary iconic look of the iPhone (or however they say it), Apple products will bring something really different this year, that’s what Walt Mossberg wants us to believe.

Walt Mossberg is an American journalist who was until January 2014 the principal technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal.

Apart from being a retired columnist, seeing places, going on holidays and doing other stuff senior citizens do, Walt still maintains his relationship with Apple’s inner circle. And that gives him insight of what Apple is going to produce before the rest of the world, and even before most people working at Apple, know.

Mossberg has this to say:

“I think the most useful way of thinking about Apple is to see it as a movie studio. Studios release blockbuster franchise movies every few years, and then try to live off a series of sequels until the next big, successful franchise… Looked at in this way, your almost-new iPhone 5s and iPad Air are mere sequels, iterations of Apple blockbusters that rocked the world when they first appeared… After awhile, audience interest in sequels wanes, and competitors come up with alluring new things. Then you’d better have a whole new franchise, because you can’t live forever on sequels.”

Apple products will be impressive this year
It’s a no brainier to say that what Mossberg is talking about is the iPhone 6. We have seen concepts of the upcoming flagship shown with little to no side bezels.

What the future holds, we do not know. But we are confident that Walt Mossberg is telling us truth. So, until the next time Apple goes on stage — that will be during WWDC in June — we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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