Apple Response On “Error 53” Update After iOS9 Update

Not just one but thousands of Apple iPhone users specifically iPhone 6 faced this mysterious error code identified as “Error 53”. The said error reportedly came after they install iOS latest update. This recent update permanently disables handset if the device undergone repairs with unauthorized service centre.

Apple Error 53

According to our source, even a single device home button has been replaced by a third party service man, iOS 9 immediately bricks your device making it useless anymore.

This feature has been made by apple in order to protect your users Touch ID data that has been rendered on a device and so if a breach has been done then there’s no way the device can be used again.

The special Touch ID sensor comprehensively stores owner’s fingerprints on a very secure encryption in the device itself and Touch ID sensor is also paired with secure enclave for maximum security. So if happen that user replaces its new home button.

Unfortunately with this recent update, those devices who have undergone third party repairs, specifically to unauthorized store, the device will encounter this Error Code. And in this case many users around the globe are still waiting for the final update from Apple’s support website.

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