Apple Rethinking of iMessage to Android

Sooner or later, a higher possibility that apple may move its app to Android operating system, in which it has the feature to upload encrypted message in wider mainstream public.

Apple Rethinking of iMessage to Android

Tim Cook Apple’s Chief executive told during its company wide event that sooner Apple may bring third party apps and exclusive services to its rival platform the Android Systems. Cook also said to bring even Apple Music to Apple Music Android this coming November, testing other market in its search for success.

Until Apple Music official launch on Google Play last year, services from apple almost exclusive only for Macs, iPads and iPhones with little exceptions. So its move to port its exclusive software to its major competitor could be boon Apple particularly that they are now declining growth and decreasing revenues in software and unit.

iMessage app is the leading messaging app and even become a popular apps across mobile and desktop platforms now expanded to Android operating system.

But what most user don’t realize is the encrypted advantage of iMessage, prevents even unauthorized access even Apple from doing it. And by doing it so without authorization might lead you in trouble

The company rolled its new privacy in iOS 8, in response to some information leaked in the internet.

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