Apple snubs Samsung chips for TSMC-made A8 processors for the iPhone 6

apple a8 chipset

apple a8 chipsetYou might be shocked to hear that since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007 by the late Steve Jobs, Samsung had been in the heart of the phones via it’s System-on Chip that Apple employs to power iPhones and iPads.

The bond, such delicate and important, existed even after billions of dollars exchanged hands through series of law suits between Apple and Samsung that spanned across several countries.

Many thought the chipset deal will go unscathed this year, even after the two companies have gone through some rounds in 2014.

But that won’t happen, as reports say that Apple has turned to TSMC for making of A8 chipsets which will be used in the engine of the upcoming iPhone 6TSMC was even said to have began supplying the chips and some great chunk of the order has been delivered already.

iPhone 6 concept
We know that full-scale commercial production of the iPhone 6 begins sometime around this month, and nothing has been heard of Samsung contributing to the making of the phones. Something might never be heard after all, it seems.

Apple and Samsung were alleged to be having plans to sign a treaty to put their guns aside and help each other to grow. But as things stand, it seems the idea of an Apple-Samsung peace has died a peaceful death.

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