Apple sues Qualcomm in excess of $1 billion over patent row


In what you don’t get to see every day, a chip maker and a handset manufacturer are at loggerheads with each other, and things are bound to get messy. This week has already been a bad run for Qualcomm, given that they had already been sued by FTC for allegedly engaging in unfair patent licencing practices, and it seems that Apple is the next in line to deal them the same kind of blow. 

In a very dramatic turn of events, Apple has gone into the kitchen and brought a serving of the same kind of lawsuit to the table for QUALCOMM.
Apple’s suit rests mainly on patents that relates to basic cellular standards that QUALCOMM has helped to develop in the past. In the eyes of Apple, the royalties that QUALCOMM are charging for the use of these patents are outrageous and excessive. 
To make matters even worse for Qualcomm, Apple has uncovered that Qualcomm is withholding about $1 billion in retaliation from them and now, they are prepared to sue for like sum.
The next set of days, or even months as the case may be, would determine how this one would play out.

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