Apple topples Samsung in pecking order in China

china apple samsung
The news every Apple fan is waiting for (kind of) is here and it turns out to double as the piece of information practically everyone at the Samsung camp is afraid of.

Hot from the impressive sales of the iPhone 6 and it’s hot-selling iPhone 6 Plus phablet sibling, Apple smartphones have surpassed Samsung in popularity in China, that’s what’s up. The information was passed on by a consumer-product analysis agency, the China Brand Research Center (CBRC).

Despite scoring 24.6 points better from it’s last year’s result, Samsung’s 566.6 points was only able to emerge second only behind Apple who scored 568.5 points. The statistics didn’t involve local brands like Xiaomi who is reportedly the number one smartphone maker in the country.

Samsung is fast depreciating in market share all around the world as the Korean phone maker’s phone sales peaked last year.

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