Apple turns to Samsung for technology as court rows die down

Apple turns to Samsung for technology
We reported how Samsung was assured of it’s position as maker of the chips that will be found inside iPhone 5s’ sequel. When the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus stepped out in September this year, it was clear that Apple has dumped Samsung, choosing Taiwanese TSMC for the production of the Apple A8 chipset instead.

And off went the Apple iPhone 6 siblings. The demand was magic and at some points in time, it seemed Apple wasn’t capable of keeping up with the strong market demand. Though never boldly mentioned, many suspected the processors expected for these devices were lacking. Apple later somehow got to overcome the demand but not without keeping so many customers angry customers waiting.

And now the two companies are back in the game. According to a report by KoreaTimes, Apple has promised to use Samsung’s versatile experience and large arsenal of equipment to make nearly all their future chips. The iPhone maker was said to have signed Samsung a fat contract that will see the Koreans making nearly 80 % of Apple A-series chips by 2016. This deal was said to worth “billions of dollars”.

On whether Apple will hoodwink Samsung again on the last minute is a secret left for the two tech heavyweights. While Samsung’s phone business is fast going downhill, the current biggest mobile phone vendor has to find another avenue too sustain it’s revenue.

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