Apple gave Apple TV a facelift with new tvOS

The fourth release of Apple’s internet set top box ushered in a new era for Apple TV.


The fourth release of Apple’s internet set top box ushered in a new era for Apple TV. The device was given a major facelift in terms of hardware and external appearance of the set top box itself – especially the remote. The interface was also revamped with the introduction of the new tvOS which is a tweaked version of the iOS.

The remote is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor. It has a touch glass surface at the top. It is fitted with the volume control buttons, home button, Siri buttons as well as the home button. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology and needs recharging after about three months.

Apple TV

Integration of Siri is a major boost for Apple TV. One does not need to go through the cumbersome process of keying in a search command every time you need to find a programme or movie. Voice commands make the searching process more convenient and a little less time-consuming.

The user interface has also been improved. It is less cluttered, making it easier to navigate as compared to its predecessor. The new Apple TV was launched specifically for gaming purposes. Apple emphasizes the potential of the set top box. It might become a revolutionary gaming device in the near future. The launch featured a demonstration of gaming on Apple TV. The set-top box also comes with its own special app store. Apps in the store are specialized for the tvOS and cater for a number of needs, not necessarily TV viewing needs.

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