Apple’s 5.8 Inches Phablet Coming?

Apple reportedly working with a 5.8 inches display iPhone device that will be launch by 2018 or earlier.

Apple’s 5.8 Inches Phablet Coming

According to our supply analysts’ digitimes, the upcoming device screen expected to be larger than the company’s major mobile market rival the Galaxy Note 5’s that was built with 5.7 inches display.

The devices have active matrix light emitting diode that is AMOLED. So if reports are true, the upcoming tablet looking phone design will be a departure model from iPhone displays, in which most devices has max of 5.5 inches with LED backlight.

During the CNBC’s interview with apple spokesperson, the company did not respond immediately or made any comment on the issue.

Making it sure that the device rumors will remain rumors and this time it came under fire from industry insiders who leaked some information. Forbes also noted that website Digitimes often criticized for having “sketchy” in publishing its reports while the technology blogger 9to5Mac warns its readers to consider the main source of the information and some blogger like Apple Insider tagged it as “absurd.”

But in the end apple still working with a new display and they are now close with the cutting edge of technology this was according to Motley’s report.

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