Apple’s massive iPad Pro to start shipping from Nov. 13th


The iPad Pro got its official unveiling a little over a month ago and since then, not a single user can boats of having used this “biggest iPad ever” from Apple. Much more is the inclusion of the Apple Pencil to the draft list of features to expect on this device which many are looking forward to as maybe something improved to rival the Stylus introduced by Samsung.

However, there is some good news now as the device has currently been listed for sale by Sam’s club – a mobile club which offers exclusive membership. Accepting pre-orders likewise, Sam’s club has listed that the device would go on sale starting from the 13th on this month.

This is good news for lovers of the Apple brand as it means that they would be getting their beloved iPad Pro soon, but its better news only for the lovers of Wi-Fi only variants as this is the only type that pre-orders are being accepted for.

Given Apple’s pricing methods, the prices on the iPad Pro were rather modest with the 32GB variant coming in at $789 and the 128GB of the slab aiming to sell for a massive $949. It should be noted at this point that these prices represent $10 lesser than Apple’s actual asking price.

Start pre-ordering now. Shipping starts on the 13th and that’s just a few days away.

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