Apple’s Upcoming iOS Update Will Fix Date Bug

iPhone Date Bug

The recent Apple date bug creates a doubt to many of its fans, but the dilemma of getting your phone brick after a certain date bug is no more.

iPhone Date Bug

Just recently, the company recognized the bug identified as “date bug” affecting iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad devices. Apple support did not clearly state its upcoming fix, but it stated it will be includen in the next iOS update in which it will prevent the device from getting brick with “date bug” in the future.

It has been said on our last post that changing your device to 1970 or even earlier can turn your phone unusable after a restart. The upcoming system update will now prevent this situation on the affected iOS device. So for those who have this issue to date, you can contact apple for further support.

Definitely, by changing the device date manually will result to a boot cycle known as “boot loop” And restoring the device through DFU mode will not work. a German site shared its second video on YouTube showing that by just opening the device and uninstalling and installing its battery fix the problem, but for those who don’t know this method could potentially damage your device and void warranty as well if incorrectly done.

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