Apps can access/use fingerprint data on Galaxy S5, as opposed to iPhone 5s

One thing Sundar Pichai said about Android at the MWC is that the OS is made to be open, not secure  — and that’s what the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is living up to.

Samsung added a cool new feature(among other new features like waterproof, dust-proof) to the Galaxy S5, and that’s the fingerprint scanner.

Apps can access-use fingerprint data on Samsung Galaxy S5, as opposed to Apple iPhone 5s
But then Samsung’s fingerprint sensor can be used by third-party applications(which is cool), unlike Apple’s own biometric data which is sealed into the deep chambers of secrets of the iPhone 5s where it can only be used to unlock the smartphone, access iTunes, iBooks and other Apple stuff.

Good thing is that Samsung’s idea will be very useful in loads of ways. PayPal has already signed up for the feature and one can now use the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 to authorize a payment on PayPal.

The downside, as many people see it, is that hackers might be able to manipulate the openness of Samsung’s fingerprint technology for some evil reasons, and that’s where the fear lies.

Samsung is not insecure per se. The US military trusts them on some of their war artillery, so are many corporate bodies around the world turning up to them for privacy and business especially towards the Galaxy Note lineup.

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