Are we going to see a $100 MediaTek Google Nexus 6?

After Samsung dropped the bat in making Nexus phones for Google, LG picked up the responsibility and has been doing that for quite some years now.

But word in the street is that the Silicon Valley search engine and software giants, Google, are considering porting the Nexus production all the way down to China this year to harness the possibility of making a $100-priced Nexus 6.

Will we see a MediaTek Google Nexus 6
MediaTek is the company behind the alleged deal. The chipset maker will be looking to make insanely cheap hardware similar to Xiaomi’s Redmi Note and Red Rice for Google which the main reason why Google introduced the first Nexus by the way.

For now, you have to down this report with a glass of water diluted with a pinch of salt. These are still flying rumors as we are still to confirm anything pending an official say or a solid leak.

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