Asus confirms that the ZenFone 2 would be getting a Marshmallow update

Via a blog post that went live not quite long ago, Asus made the announcement that they would be supporting their Zenfone 2 users with a bump and this update would not only fix some things and change the build version within the same shell but go on to push them to another shell of the Android operating system altogether – the Marshmallow 6.0.

Although they are doing this at a time when the Marshmallow has nearly clocked a year on the calendar charts, it is still a welcome update with the bringing on board of features such as Google Now on Tap, the Doze features, and every other sweet packages that comes with this software version.

Thankfully, you would start to notice the absence of some of the company’s banded apps that used to be on the phone when you have updated to the 6.0 platform. For example, stuffs such as the Asus Email, Asus Calendar, Asus Browser and the likes from the ZenFone 2.

The OTA update has already started to roll out and if you also want in on the action but are yet to get the update notification, just head over to Settings and manually request for new updates.

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