Asus takes iPhone 6 Plus #bendgate trolling to a whole new level

Asus bendgate

You might have read about LG, Samsung, BlackBerry and LG (o yes, pun intended) joke about the Apple iPhone 6 Plus’ inadvertently bending skills, but wait till you see Asus doing their own version of the trolling.

The series of memes made by the Taiwanese PC and smartphone maker is the most direct and perhaps funniest jokes made about the iPhone 6 Plus #bendgate.

Asus bendgate

Asus bentgate

Asus ibendgate
Asus used the deforming smartphone to walk you through the features of it’s products and probably the ultimate has to be the last one that says, Don’t be sad…there’s always a big brother to lean on — that’s supposedly strong, solid Asus Zenphone 6 telling a bending iPhone6 which looks tired and is looking for where to rest, lol.

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus, alongside the iPhone 6, is the fastest selling smartphone in a while until this week when many reports of accidentally damaged units of the device filled the web. Some users complained of using their smartphones normally only to see it has deformed after a few days.

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