Asus Lowering Down its 2016 Smartphone Shipment Target

Just recently Asus officially announced to public that that they are going to lower down its 2016 smartphone shipment target originally from 30 million down to 25 million units.

Asus Lowering Down its 2016 Smartphone Shipment Target

Asus stated that one of the main reasons for the shipment adjustment it’s because all the smartphone shipments were heavily affected by product shift period. But of course that will not stopped social networking sites from spreading information about its export setbacks on electronics companies.

But for PC’s, the company revealed its shipment target for this year 2016 is 22 to 24 million units. Asus stated that its upcoming smartphone device the Zenfone 3 expected on market this June 2016. Asus’ phone business in mobile unit predicted to have a total shipment of its Zenfone 3 around 30 million units. Asus continues to hope to be included in the top mobile maker in the world this year.

Looking back  a year ago the company published a financial statistics intended for this year 2016, stating its combined operating revenue that increased by 0.9% from year to year up to NTD35.29 billion, about CNY6.93 billion; and brand operating revenue increased at 0.03% NTD31.879 billion to CNY6.26 billion.

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