Asus to Offer Zenfone 3 In Brazil This Second Semester of 2016

Asus to Offer Zenfone 3 In Brazil

Good news for those who lived in Brazil, Asus will not launch its flagship device the Zenfone 3 series second semester of this year.

Asus to Offer Zenfone 3 In Brazil

The company reportedly moving on to the next level from its recent focus on Zenfone 2 series that was launched last august in Brazil. Its future plans to launch again its next line series was recently announced by the marketing manager in India and Latin America Marcel Campos.

To the record, Zenfone 6 was Asus best seller mobile device in Brazil, launched around second semester of 2014. However Campus stated that its Zenfone 2 line series will soon outrun other devices in terms of its local sales.

Asus Zenfone 2 has 128 gigabyte storage that cost around $752. As Asus decided to delay its official release in Brazil, the main reason is the insufficient incentives in local production of the device added by the hike of Dollar currency in Brazil.

The hike on currency makes the device hard to produce due to the cost of production, but beside from the current situation Asus remains unstoppable in smartphone market. Asus smartphone share in Brazil market continues to increase regardless of its economic downfall.

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