Asus ZenWatch is a sub-$200 smartwatch that’s IFA-bound

Asus ZenWatch price release

While LG has unveiled it’s own smartwatch, Asus has joined Motorola in waiting till the IFA to unveil their own wearable.

Asus ZenWatch price release
Earlier in the week, the company sent a teaser where sketches of a watch with square looks like the Samsung Gear 2 were drawn. An inscription which says that Time has changed and we have changed was inscribed beside the drawings.

Now, the CEO of Asus, Jerry Shen, who spoke to Focus Taiwan has said that his company’s first wearable product which will be known as the Asus ZenWatch will be available at a price south of $199 and that the product should be available in the United States and other markets by October.

Sources say the smartwatch will be sold for $149, which is a far better bargain compared to LG’s G Watch and Samsung’s Gear Live who are set above the $200 price tag. However, there’s a smartwatch in India called the Spice Smart Pulse which costs just $70.

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