Atlassian Development Team to Create new Android And iOS

Atlassian DevOps darling recently created their new development teams focused on iOS and Android platforms, and seeking principal developers that will lead them both.

Atlassian Development Team

Number of job ads has been appearing in usual places, mentioning of its need to hire for fresh kick arse team that will s tart an development practice in iOS and a again another set of kick-arse team that will do development practice for Android at the same time, the job will happen in Sydney, Australia.

Atlassian seems to start making and then selling newly created apps. Both gigs require at least a minimum of four years experience in android development on respective platforms and track a proven record to App Store or just by Google play.

To give you a hint on what this hired teams be doing in the future, Atlassian’s has already apps, perhaps this is the time for them to revisit the code to make some changes or even upgrade to the next level. Or the company decided for native client’s portfolio of apps.

When you do personal research on Google Play or Apple App Store you will notice that a number of third party applications connected to Atlassian products, and surprisingly not even a single app was built from the company itself.

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