AT&T launches their own exchange programme for plagued Galaxy Note 7

A series of mobile carriers are already taking advantage of the ill luck that has recently befallen the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and with these, they are introducing some kinds of deals that would although be beneficial to the customer, would be better for them too.

The likes of T-Mobile started this trend when they offered customers the option to return the smartphone, get a refund and then use that to get themselves another smartphone. After that, Sprint tried to do better by offering that people could exchange their units for a newer one till the issue of explosions and battery faults get fixed. Not wanting to be left out of the party, AT&T has also started their own promotion.

Listing the reasons for this programme as due to security concerns, AT&T has offered that customers can now return their smartphones and have the option to pick up another device in exchange for this one. Likewise, the accessories that were purchased with each unit can also be turned back in to cash out better on the offered promotion.

So far, we don’t know what stand Verizon is going to take so all we have to do right now is just wait for things to heat up tomorrow.

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