AT&T rep suggests that Galaxy S7/S7 Edge users should start getting the Nougat bump by Spring


If you use either of the Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, and your unit is also registered to work on the AT&T network, you should know that your carrier has it in mind to start rolling out the Nougat to you in a space of just a couple months from now. This is not some information from the outside but from within the ranks of AT&T. 

According to the representative who made this information public knowledge, the update is already in the beta stage and there are very high chances that the beginning of Spring would mark the start of rollouts.
Needless to say, though, the fact that this is an inside information does not mean that you should take it to be the gospel. This is not the first time that we would see reps get it wrong and give us misleading information about the dates when certain update and products would hit the market. 
However, this sure gives us some hope of sooner than later.

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