Australia throws out Apple’s appeal to trademark “App Store”

Apple's App Store

We already know that Apple is very stubborn when it comes to trademark and patent rights. Back in 2009, the iPhone maker asked GetJar and a couple of other app stores available then to stop using the word “App Store” because it’s a registered copyright of Apple, the stores complied afterwards.

However, Australia is not taking any of that nonsense as it has thrown out Apple’s application to register the trademark of the said name in the country. Apple first registered the term in Australia back in 2008 but in 2010, the Australian copyright commission nullified the agreement, saying Apple cannot use such a general word combination for it’s interests alone.

“I am satisfied that the mark ‘app store’ is not to any extent inherently adapted to distinguish the designated services,” Justice David Yates said. “It follows that ‘app store’ must be taken as not being capable of distinguishing the designated services as Apple’s services. The application must, therefore, be rejected.”

Apple is not likely to appeal for the trademark in that region once again. When we contacted the Cupertino outfit for a comment on the matter, we didn’t get any.

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