Behold how Windows 10 will look on mobile

A lot has been really said about Microsoft now-going-to-be-unified Windows 10 operating system for PCs and smartphones. After the Redmond, Washington giant conquered Nokia, things have been moving pretty well in terms of getting Windows on smartphone post then. The outfit reported selling over 9 million Lumia smartphones in 2014 Q4, the highest ever.

WP10 mobile screenshot
A lot of people keep asking about what the Windows 10 will look like on mobile. We got your answer. Though not much but here’s an purported screenshot of a Windows 10 smartphone at the Notification Center (known as Action Center in Windows Phone 8.1).

Though Windows 19-powered expected this year, we are yet to see clearly how the OS will look on mobile. There’s no clear cut on when it will debut on smartphones either but with the Microsoft Lumia 1330 in tow, the next Lumia flagship might break cover any time within the first half of with W10.

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