After bendgate comes beardgate: Apple’s new iPhones can’t stay out of trouble

i6 caught hairApple’s new iPhone 6 has found itself in the news once again for the wrong reasons though this time, the subject of the matter is less formal and has a more comical beginning.

A user from Apple fans’ unofficial blog, 9to5Mac, has complained of his new iPhone 6 “yanking out my hair when I’m making call”. While it looks weird as it sounds, Phonearena went ahead to conduct a search and found out there were actually several other people complaining about the issue.

According to some of the complainants, the seam between the glass of the display and the aluminum case on the iPhone 6 seems to be hungry of hair (facial hair, mostly) and doesn’t hesitate to trap some whenever the face is around.

Apple is yet to comment on the matter (it probably won’t) and we ask ye iPhone 6 users, does your device yearn for hair?

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