Best Buy offers the ZTE Axon 7 Mini for up to $100 off from the 4th

While those in the UK might have their minds tricked into believing that the ZTE Axon 7 Mini is a new device that has just hit the market, it is in actual fact an old device that has been in the US for a whole now but just introduced in to the Queen’s region.


That being said already, Best Buy are of the pinion that the device has spent a considerable amount of time on the market already to warrant having a deal to itself also and that, they have effected.
Although you would not be able to key in to this deal package till the 4th of December or after the 10th day of the same month, it would make sure that you get a unit of the Axon 7 mini for just $199 a representing a cool deal on the unlocked unit, this means that you get as much as $100 in rebate.

This deal is only applicable on the Ion Gold colour variant though and if you would like to go for the Platinum Grey instead, you would be churning out just $50 less than the intended price.
You could say that the Axon 7 Mini is less exciting than the main Axon 7 but at this price range, it just more than does well.

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