This might be the best Valentine gift ever: The NoPhone

Does your girlfriend not give you maximum attention while talking to her because she’s busy with her iPhone? Worry not friend, we’ve got what may be the best gift you can get her this Valentine.

NoPhone selfie editionThe NoPhone is literally a joke. No, you don’t get. It started out as a joke but now NoPhone, LLC makes these NoPhone units and sell them to people who need a plastic brick to help solve their addiction towards smartphones. The NoPhone can level as an impostor for misleading robbers, you can use it placeholder in your pocket or you can just buy it and stare at it and wonder what the heck is wrong with the world.

So you see.  You can help yourself or your loved one with a NoPhone. Good thing is that it doesn’t require any charging or hassle to buy airtime or data bundles. You can stay safe with it, away from the preying eyes of the NSA, Illuminati and Katy Perry.


NoPhone comes in two variants. One has a “selfie” mirror and goes for $18 while the other variant which lacks selfie features — but does every other thing the former does — can be landed for just $12. Get a NoPhone today at

iPhone vs NoPhone

T. Campbell

I crave gadgets and love transferring knowledge and helping people find solutions. Favorite quote: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. –Wayne Gretzky.

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