B&H Photos offer the ZTE Axon 7 for a great deal (+ freebies)

Axon 7

Are you in shop for a great mobile phone and you are looking for a good deal? Right now, the deal on the ZTE Axon 7 might be the best to come your way and you should make yourself up for it. Let’s break down what we are talking about here. B&H Photo currently have some ZTE Axon 7s on their hand right now that they are willing to sell for great prices plus incentives too – you get a free pair of wireless headphones and a gift card worth $25 if you pre-order any of ZTE’s latest devices.

These freebies are now being floated as costing just $59.95 and you would be making a good deal because the headphones are identified to be the Samsung Level U wireless headphones and would normally cost $34.95 on a good day.

The ZTE Axon 7 is in itself, not a rip-off as it uses the high end QUALCOMM snapdragon 820 chipset and runs this processor on a CPU clocked at 4GB of RAM. The internal storage memory rests at 64GB and the screen is a 5.5 inch display. Running on a battery of 3140mAh, the 20MP camera on the back is more than awesome for your picture taking and video recording. If you are looking for a good push to buy the ZTE Axon, well, here and now, you do have it.

There is no time frame on the offer so we can’t tell how long it would be on for. The best thing is to head over there and register now to be able to partake of the goodies.

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