Big Apple goes Red to honor World AIDS Day

Apple is one of the big companies pushing the fight against HIV/AIDS and it’s discrimination world wide. When you are the most valuable company in the world, others will look up to you and what you ought to show is good examples.

A gaint red Apple logo hangs from an Apple Store in Sydney, Australia.
A gaint red Apple logo hangs from an Apple Store in Sydney, Australia.

The iPhone maker has taken a big Red Apple logo to it’s stores across Japan, Hong Kong, China, Europe and the United States, just to mark December 1 World AIDS Day which interestingly collides with Cyber Monday for this year’s edition.

According to estimates, 600,000 people live with either HIV or AIDS in Lagos, the biggest commercial city of world’s largest black nation, Nigeria. In the United Kingdom, 100,000 have HIV while the global count for the virus stands at an estimated 34 million people.

What the likes of Apple play in the drama is to sensitize people about the virus and to help against discrimination of patients. People are urged to go for tests and to practice safe sex.

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