Billionaire Mark Cuban Praised Apple’s Fight on Security Privacy

Famous blogger Cuban recently wrote on his blog about Apple’s fight on its security decryption, the author says that “they deserved a standing ovation”. He praises Apple together with its executive for refusing to follow FBI’s order.

Billionaire Mark Cuban Praised Apple’s Fight on Security Privacy

From his view, if Apple decides to comply with the order, this can be an open door for future attacks and the government could even ask it all over again if case call.

We live to be protected, and the tool that we have is the one will strengthen those privacy against tyranny and madmen and the worse case those things that we value will be used again us. But we protect our right; we do not let negatives stand in positives. We should stand up with our rights and liberty.

We also note that this issue is not an easy issue, but still this should do in open discussion and stand on to protecting not just the American citizen but every device owner as well.

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