BitTorrent Officially Launches Its Peer-to-Peer iOS and Apple TV Streaming App

If you are among many who got disappointed on BitTorrent absence on iOS and Apple TV, now things are now getting forward and will turn in the table.

BitTorrent Peer to Peer Tv Streaming

OAL (OnAir Live) Developers recently has released new technology for digital media device on Apple as well with iOS platforms that utilizes BitTorrent technology, the signature peer-to-peer method. Amazingly this will be a break application for apple to get the first app on iOS and Apple TV using BitTorrent technology.

BitTorrent is widely known for its effective way of sharing, or shall we say torrent client, the main highlight of this app, is the utilization of peer-to-peer sharing now on video technology, enables video streaming to large audience with low connectivity latency without needing third party network.

To recap, BitTorrent started testing its streaming technology on desktop way back 2011. Though it didn’t get much attention due to poor adoption and it usually requires every user to download this separate app, the company decided to shutdown on 2014 and start focusing on mobile streaming development.

BitTorrent explains that their developers should start signing -up in order to receive updated information how to access the BitTorrent platform.

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