BlackBerry Acknowledges ‘The Start of Android Era ’

Blackberry to shift on Android

After launching its first Android powered smartphone the BlackBerry Priv, the company revealed that all its smartphones in 2016 will use Google’s platform.
BlackBerry a Canadian company sees Android Operating system as “the future,” confirming the death of BB10.


BlackBerry won’t officially admit the death of BB10, as BB10 devices needs to sell and support. But it confirmed that existing BB10 only expect minor software updates as it focuses its efforts on Android instead.

Damian Tay, APAC product management senior director hammered another nail into BB10’s coffin. During The Economic Times, Tay confirmed Priv is part of its shift towards Android platform.

“The PRIV device is essentially our transition to Android ecosystem. As we secure Android, over a period of time, we would not have two platforms, and may have only Android as a platform [for smartphones],” said Tay.

“But for now, we have BB10 and Android platforms for our smartphones… The future is really Android. We went for Android essentially for its app ecosystem. In addition, all the enterprise solutions that we have been doing have been cross-platform for a long time now.”

Tay concluded, “It’s a natural progression towards Android.”

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