Blackberry closes down hardware division after $374M loss

The numbers have been pointing to this day becoming a reality and even though things have seemed to be taking a turn for good lately, there was always no stopping the inevitable and it was not a matter of ’if’ anymore but had already become a question of ‘when’. This is the announcement that we had been holding our breaths for and even though the CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen, announced a few days ago that they were meting targets that could have done little to stall the decision to let go of their hardware division.

Blackberry came out with a bang and recorded a lot of success in the market but that was soon to be short-lived as people started to leave the platform en masse after a while and this started to become the beginning of a nightmare for them. Porting from their own natural BB OS and delving into the Android market didn’t even do the trick for them as the Priv not only suffered low sales but was also plagued by low return rates.

According to the CEO, their software arm has been doing well year-on-year and right now, it is logical that they leave the job of making their smartphones to other companies while they concentrate on building the software division the more.

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