Blackberry To Edify Apple A Memorable Lesson

In the long running Apple Case with FBI, an unusual company ally emerged, to look back five years ago with BlackBerry, they were once in the top platform in terms with device security and privacy. So it is very safe to say that they have something to deal when it talks about encryption.

Blackberry To Edify Apple A Memorable Lesson

There was once that millions of mobile users counted BlackBerry as its primary communication, many of those users are from business organizations. But the trend starts to go down when the company allows governments to access its encrypted platform through some means.

The situation sounds very similar with today’s Apple case with FBI, well, at first it did not work with the company as user trust might fall into forgetfulness.  But things gotten bad for the company to abandon its own Operating System for Google Android and now Apple is taking a very similar situation with the government authorities.

As the trend continues in other countries, the company was losing out to some government who somewhat demanded an exclusive access to their services. And now, they shell their former self. Apple really needs to examine the company’s situation in the past if they really want to flout historical patterns.

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