Blackberry Mercury would be showcased at a pre-MWC event 


​Blackberry has made it known that they are not to be the ones making the hardware phones anymore, but instead, TCL would be handling the task. Before they finally bow out though, they might want to give us a final taste of what the Blackberry name stands for, and that’s what they have called the Mercury.

The phone, which packs a traditional physical QWERTY keyboard and runs on Android has been introduced at CES this year but still, there has not been a breath about its specs.
Known what it looks like is like the latest card in the tease book of TLC but now, we know that we would be getting to know all we want about the unit at an event in Barcelona. Don’t think MWC yet, as this is bound to happen before the grand showpiece.
The press conference would be held on the 25th of February and then, we would get to know what this handset can really do. It would also be the day when the final word is given on whether it would be named the DTEK70 or Mercury.
As far as previous rumours are concerned, there are divisions on the chipset, with some claiming it would carry a SD 625 SoC and others pointing to an 821 chipset instead. Likewise, there were whispers about a 4GB RAM option and 64GB internal storage space.

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