BlackBerry Messaging App Hitting Indonesia

BlackBerry obviously struggling in its battle with Smartphone sales in the global market, this has been seen as the company announces its drop down of sales. But in terms of “Instant Messaging” the company owns Indonesia as it hits the overall market share.

BlackBerry Messaging App Hitting Indonesia

A greater number of Indonesians are still devoted to their online friend groups and even family members on BlackBerry Messenger, the popular app developed by BlackBerry; even some people are no longer using their BlackBerry handsets.

Most people who use the BBM accounts are those who are engage I Online business like selling of imported goods from other country.

Professionals and medium scale companies located in Indonesia still with BlackBerry, since the BBM ecosystem is much secure compare to other security services. So this reason it makes BBM in the top market followed by other countries South Africa and Negeria.

The company till now still believes that they can still maintain its top spot position in Indonesia; well as to date this is the only country left in which the company’s app is winning towards existing messaging apps.

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