Blackberry Optimistic On Smart Money Growth

Reports came to us and shows that Great West Assurance recently boosted its holding with BlackBerry up to 4.2% in the last fourth quarter. Great Assurance just acquired around 24,771 shares during the stated period, in which its total shares stretched up to 621,138.

Blackberry Optimistic On Smart Money Growth

The company financial advisor boosted their overall stake in Canadian firm by around 245.7% during the stated quarter. The firm just bought around 27,850 shares on the quarter, now it owns total of 39,185 shares.

Other report tells that the number of fund positions in firm’s stock was already up by almost 33% the last quarter alone of the 2015. So expected at the end of quarter, BlackBerry was placed as 24 on tracked hedge funds listing with a total positions worth $786 million more. As in previous quarter, hedge funds had stakes to $470 million.

The company now trading at high PE around 129, but the price to book was pretty decent ratio at 1.19, this is thank to the company’s  massive reserves amounting to $2.5 billion.

In the past BlackBerry shares was really down. The overall stock down by 12%, last 2014 it’s down by 24%. But this time it the trend continues to rise up, this will be a break-even for the company.

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