Blackberry planning to make a South Korea entry with the BB Priv offering


Blackberry took a bow from the market some years ago and since then, we didn’t hear of the Canadian OEM as much as before anymore but it seems that they have pumped new blood and ideas into the system and with these, they are set to return and make a big bang in the market again as they did as at the time of their first launch.

Their major comeback is being planned is with their first Android smartphone, the BlackBerry Priv, which also happened to come equipped with a physical keyboard that could just be slid out. At an event that is poised to happen on the 20th of September, Blackberry is very much likely to unveil in Priv in South Korea.

They have been in the South Korean market before, even as early as the year 2009 but they had to leave when in 2012, they determined that they were not making much sales in a market that had already been dominated by local forces such as LG and Samsung.

That year also marked the same timeframe that the likes of Nokia, HTC and Motorola left the region to go concentrate on their trade elsewhere.

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