Blackberry Priv to get Marshmallow update “sometime next year”

The days of keeping our eyes preened and our ears too wide open to even hear the mildest whisper about the Blackberry Priv are gone. The seconds we wasted while searching for the newest thing, the data burnt to get that latest video and the subscriptions used up to watch the privileged unboxing of this first Android from Blackberry have all led up till this day.

With Blackberry launching out the device on a low, the Priv has finally moved from its manufacture bench to the market where a lot of users can’t wait to get hold of it. Don’t be getting ahead of yourselves now though as the device wouldn’t start shipping now but in a few days.

Whilst waiting for that, it is important to note that Blackberry really wants to do right by its customers and the Android open source platform by using every means possible to ensure the success of this device.

Having already announced monthly updates to come for the Priv and an “hotfix”solution anytime a problem couldn’t wait for the month to end, Blackberry has then announced again that the Priv would be getting its push to Marshmallow sometimes next year.

If Blackberry keeps their word, this would be a very laudable improvement that would show that the Canadian OEM isn’t looking to just abandon their users with this device after make.

Who knows, this might even boost Blackberry’s popularity status again.

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