Blackberry Priv pre-order customers to get freebies with their device


The Blackberry Priv was launched yesterday and released in the United States and Canada. Offered on carriers such as AT&T in the US and Telus at Canada, the device is pretty pricey coming in at $249 (from AT&T, at least). Being the first device from Blackberry to run Android, there is a lot of prospects in the bag for the Priv already and this isn’t the only nice first from the device, being the first to operate a dual curved screen display.

Blackberry has announced yesterday that prior to the launch, shipments were yet to start which means that interested users who had already pre-ordered the smartphone from the Blackberry’s website would have to wait a few more days to get it. However, the wait would be totally worth it as Blackberry is now throwing a nice package into the mix for the early birds that had already ordered the device.

A “premium car charger” as well as an hard shell case which is currently valued at about $40 tops are the freebies but they would not be coming to your doorsteps alongside your orders. Blackberry has directed that the eligible customers would receive a mail that would prompt them on how to redeem their freebies.

Nice start to the Priv. Blackberry should keep it coming.

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