BlackBerry Priv To Receive Marshmallow update

BlackBerry Priv To Receive Marshmallow update

BlackBerry dumped its own operating system for Blackberry 10 and switch to the newest Android OEMs.

BlackBerry Priv To Receive Marshmallow update

BlackBerry Priv was launched last year, and this time we are now getting the idea of what the company’s plan and its future update may look like. The Priv is now being update to the last android operating system the Marshmallow Android 6.0.

The launch of BBM Priv gave its fans a reason to worry about the device future acumen. Originally launched with Android 5.1 and just month after the 6.0 was rolled out to most Smartphones.

The latest Android Marshmallow operating system brings a new support for controllable app permissions on every user, an ironic omission from Priv given the name that stands for “Privacy.” This feature now becomes removable storage and the internal device storage into single unified pool, allowing users to install media, apps, or whatever the user desires with its SD card.

Considering Six months was not that fast compared to other flagships from its competitors, especially when one thinks that his device is a BlackBerry phone. One M9 from HTC got Marshmallow update last January, Samsung S6 in the same time gets its update last February.

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