Blackberry Priv selling for $309.99, down from its initial $469.99 unlocked price

If you are looking to buy a new smartphone and the idea of a Blackberry Priv also appeals to you, then we have a very great deal on ground that we think you should consider and if you are having the mind to go for this, it is better you churn out that cash fast enough.

The Blackberry Priv was launched a little over a year ago and even though the carrier versions of this device Aare yet to drop in price in any significant manner, the unlocked versions usually have a variety of deals that are featured over them and one of these is what we are seeing from the stables of DailySteals that wooed let you have a new unit of the Priv, unlocked, for just $309.99.

If you have ben conversant with the pricing information on this smartphone, you would recall that it used to be sold in the region of $469.99 unlocked and that is the same thing that you would be getting should you opt to buy from Amazon instead.

Being a 34% cut in price, we believe that this is a pretty good deal on a device that offers premium hardware, software and also, packs interesting specs and updates.

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