BlackBerry Priv to be sold on Verizon “soon”


The Blackberry Priv launched yesterday and despite the fact that Blackberry didn’t hold an elaborate event to mark the launch of its latest flagship and first mobile running Android OS, the Priv isn’t remaining private to the news at all.

The Blackberry Priv packs some awesome specifications that we have always told you about right here on this website and we won’t be boring you with that information anymore, however, it would be nice to know where the device sells.

Going on sale on Telus (in Canada), AT&T (for US markets) and Blackberry Online themselves, Verizon has announced that it would be offering the device for sale too, citing “very soon” as the date for us to look forward to. This means that Verizon users need not be left out or feel sidestepped as they would be getting the Priv on their favorite network likewise.

Although speculations had earlier pointed to us having the Priv on Verizon sometimes in the year 2016, this new info provided via a tweet by Verizon themselves seems to be change that to sometimes this year.

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