Blackberry Priv (Unlocked) shows up on Amazon for a while

The Blackberry Priv has been making a lot of rounds on the news way before its initial release and even more so, after the release of this device. Blackberry not creating a launch event for this device didn’t deter it from still making headlines elsewhere which makes sure the Priv stays relevant and that a lot of people want this Android from Blackberry which also happens to have a nice keyboard attached under the slide.

The BB Priv had initially been listed for sale under the official Blackberry Store itself and also from carriers such as AT&T as well as Verizon (which is still in the works by the way), all United States carriers. Even while available from these places, many were waiting for the Amazon sales of this device and they got it, but it only lasted a while after the Priv was declared “currently unavailable” by the online retailing giant.

The device showed up unlocked from Amazon and at a price of $699 which is also the original price at which Blackberry themselves are selling and this “currently unavailable” status could just mean that a lot of people were on ground to pounce on the device, meaning a stable market for BB this year. But then and again, couldn’t it mean that there just wasn’t enough to go round?

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